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How to avoid "flat head" second time around

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Loops81 Mon 20-Feb-17 17:14:35

My first daughter developed plagiocephaly from always sleeping with her head on one side. We got advice, made changes, it slowly improved and aged 2.5 her head is pretty normal-shaped. I'm over it. However - I'm expecting another baby and I'm determined not to go through it all again! Has anyone else experienced this with their first and managed to avoid it second time around? I don't know if I should start using the special pillow etc from the very start, or if it's enough to just be aware of it and reposition them before they get set in their ways?

Kokapetl Tue 21-Feb-17 21:08:01

If your back etc have no particular problems one way to reduce the risk is to use a sling for all daytime naps so that the baby is not lying on their back or side at all.

upwardsandonwards33 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:06:22

There is a Lila Kuddis pillow amongst others if you google them. Also there is a pillow you can put in the car seat which helps. Limit time in the car seat. Reposition baby to face different ways on nappy changing table. Also in their crib/ cot. Do lots of playing on different ways so baby has to turn to face you in different directions. Lots of tummy time too.
Congratulations on your baby on the way!

Lm604 Fri 24-Feb-17 03:16:22

Those are really great tips from OutwardsandOnwards!

My 7mo's head is slightly flat on one side because for the first 3m of his life, he faced the same way in his bassinet. We did very little tummy time too.

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