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Wild Child! Suggestions to calm over energetic 19 month old

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CurlyCallie Mon 20-Feb-17 17:08:24

My son is almost 20 months old and I can't seem to keep him calm! He sleeps 8-7 at night thankfully with a nap in the day (about an hour or 2) but other than when he's sleeping he's constantly on the run, don't get me wrong I don't really mind him being energetic but ALL the time?? He doesn't even calm or get tired before bed or nap time he rolls around the cot until he he's bored and drops off. If I waited him to show signs of being tired he'd never be put down 😂 I'm 5 months expecting with baby number 2 and get bad sciatica and heartburn and feel like I can't keep up like I should be? I try quiet time, reading time, colouring, painting, walks, massages, you name it I've tried it but he's really not interested in any of it? His favourite games are tickle monsters and being chased by the tiger (aka me lol) and I don't like to get those games started any more just because I'm scared it'll make him even worse. The only time he listens to a story is in the bath and I think that's more because he's got nowhere to run to 😂 when his eyes are open he just wants to go go go lol he doesn't even stop for cuddle time any more like he used to, I'll ask for a cuddle and get 5 second hug if I'm lucky and he's off again.
I'm not pretending to be super-mum but he honestly doesn't eat sweets (unless dads home for the day but he works 6 days a week so that's his treat) he doesn't have pop, I don't like fast food so I don't think it's what he's eating? I do admit we always have Disney jr or CBeebies on but mostly it's just background as he really won't sit still long enough to watch anything?
He's a really really good boy I'm so lucky with him I know that but I feel like such a failure for not being able to entertain my own child! I can't talk to anyone about it I'm too embarrassed they'd think I can't cope. I don't want him to sit and be quiet all day long, far from it, I love watching him play and be energetic but 24/7 is getting a bit much. Especially as it's going to be a harder job the further into pregnancy I get 🙈

Any advise is more than welcome thankyou!

CurlyCallie Mon 20-Feb-17 18:21:11

Okay reading my post back to myself I might be missing something obvious... does anyone else have issues with the TV being on? Xx

TippetyTapWriter Mon 20-Feb-17 19:07:18

My 21 month old ds sounds similar. I put CBeebies on because it's the only thing that will keep him still for a few minutes though he watches it standing up walking backwards round the room, normally with a toy in his hand at the same time. I've never even had a five second cuddle, so I'm jealous of you there smile He won't sit on my lap, though will sometimes for a story, but we normally only manage the first few pages. I'm also pregnant though very early stages and am dreading the months to come!! I take him to the park a lot because he will sit on the swing. So at least he's sort of still for a bit!! No advice, I think some toddlers are just like that?! Mine also doesn't have sugar.

scrivette Mon 20-Feb-17 20:23:05

Not sure if it would work, but I don't leave the tv on so that when it is on it becomes an 'event' or a treat so DS sits and watches it for one programme to give me 10 minutes peace.

SoftSheen Mon 20-Feb-17 20:30:43

It's a tough stage, but I think you basically need to turn off the TV and get him outside as much as you possibly can, running around in the fresh air.

Toddler groups and physical activities such as swimming,Tumble Tots, and toddler football/rugby/dance are also good for burning off a bit of energy.

At least he is a good sleeper, that will be a big help when baby DC2 arrives!

Frouby Mon 20-Feb-17 20:41:13

Outside time has always made a massive difference in my 3 year old. I was climbing the walls with him in January when the weather was rubbish.

Soft play or other indoor play did take the edge off but he needs fresh air to really calm him down. Even at nursery for 3 hours a day they have noticed he is better when the weather has been ok for outside time.

He only needs an hour. More is better but an hour is good enough just to keep him calm.

For quiet times and generally just keeping him still for any amount of time I have found jigsaws to be very engrossing. And also he has some magnetics sets that keeps him occupied. He is just starting to enjoy being read to. His favourite 'book' is a smyths toy catalogue. And a recipe book for some bizarre reason.

He also loves being with other children. So playgroups and so on.

My dd was very calm at the same age so it's been a bit of a steep learning curve. But there is nothing as much fun as a slightly bonkers toddler.

CurlyCallie Mon 20-Feb-17 21:24:26

Thanks for the help ladies, we used to spend all day every day outside last year but since the winter came and the weather got rubbish think Ive just got used to keeping us indoors. Going to try keeping the TV off too, turned it off this afternoon for what feels like the first time since he came back from the hospital 😂 felt like heaven lol xx

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