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Did your child change when starting pre-school?

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firstmum45 Wed 28-Feb-07 21:11:46

Can anyone relate to my current experience with dd aged 2.3yr. She has just started pre-school and has setlled in very well.

It is really good as her speech is deveoping faster and she has an improved appetite, however she now finds it very difficult to get to sleep at night.

Most nights it takes me 1.5hrs to get her to sleep. It is as if her mind is very active with all the days events. She is my only child so not had much experience with children.

She goes to bed ok but I have to stay with her at mo till she drops off. She tosses and turns all this time and chats away in her own way about the day.

I presume this is just another passing phase and hope she will settle down quicker in future as my dh and I eat after she has retired and whilst dinner at 8.00 was ok eating at 10.00pm is a bit late.

Any advice from anyone?

NorksBride Wed 28-Feb-07 21:31:40

My DD also behaved like this when she started pre-school at age 3. The first half-term was fine but from the start of the 2nd half-term she became clingy and tearful and lacked confidence. She also spent a good deal of bedtime talking about her day but I wouldn't say it affected her sleep. By the following term things were back to normal.

DS1 started pre-school at 2.5yr, he's a very laid back sort of chap, and I haven't noticed the same changes. He's less assertive, but I guess he's learning to deal with new and different children.

As you say, I think it's just a phase they pass through while they sort out all the new things they're seeing & doing. Your DD is certainly enjoying pre-school and I'm sure that after her excitement has lessened, she'll start sleeping properly again.

firstmum45 Wed 28-Feb-07 21:39:29

Thanks for the advice norksbride. My dd is really enjoying pre-school I thought she might be a bit too young but as an only one she really is benefitting from the company of other children and adults. I,m sure this is just another phase and as we all know once this one is over a new one will have developed!

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