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5 year old fussy eater...

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KimsyKW Thu 16-Feb-17 15:12:57

Hi all my DS has pretty much always been a fussy eater. He's 5 in 2 weeks and baby #2 is due in May... I am desperate now to find ways to get him eating more fruit and veg, I can't be constantly worrying about his eating whilst dealing with a newborn as well. He claims to eat well at school, tells us he tries every thing and gets pudding nearly every day. Not sure how much truth there is in this tho because the food he says eats at school, he won't touch at home. In fact, at home the only veg he will eat is the occasional bite of raw carrot, a few peas or spinach if it's cooked into something. He'll eat home made tomato based sauces like bolognaise which I can blend other veg into... Fruit wise the only thing he will happily eat are grapes, will eat apples or bananas with persuasion. Will only eat battered fish, chose to stop eating other meat a year ago, he gets very upset or angry if anyone tries to get him to eat meat other than fish. Won't go near beans or pulses, rice etc, will eat pasta, won't go near anything like stew or curry... Would happily live off fish fingers, pizza or pasta with pesto for the rest of his life. I'm getting very worried because his nails are becoming quite brittle which I know is a sign of certain deficiencies... Any advice, or recommendations for books/apps/websites I can show him would be greatly appreciated.

BentleyBelly Sat 18-Feb-17 22:02:24

I too have a fussy eater and will watch this for ideas. I understand how stressful it is. I give her a multivitamin every day to ensure she gets the vits she needs, this helps relieve the worrying a little.

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