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Cyber bullying

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Feellikerubbish Wed 15-Feb-17 23:04:39

My son is 9 and often play online games with his friends at school. There is one particular older boy from school who sometimes kicks him out of a game or mutes him when he talks and has blocked my son from time to time. At school he seems OK and would say hello to my son when he sees him.

My son's own friends all of whom are fine at school, sometimes online will gang up on him and keep killing him or just not be so nice online.

I have spoken to my son and explained that when people don't play nicely online, he should get off and not play with them. He won't listen to me and keeps going back for more!

Anyone had a similar experience and have any tips please? Should I just leave him to sort out these issues himself? He doesn't seem to see it as an issue!

IateallthePies654 Thu 16-Feb-17 16:24:14

How awful! Could you encourage him to make a new set of friends? or maybe help him be a bit more assertive so he can stamp it out himself.

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