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How to handle - have just caught DS2 (4) stealing toys from school...

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Legacy Wed 28-Feb-07 16:28:25

... argh!

DS2 came out of school looking sheepish and walking strangely. Got him home and found his pockets full of Duplo animals from school.

We've had a serious chat/ telling off, and he has said 'Sorry Mummy' 'I won't do it again etc' and we will go into school tomorrow and explain/ apologise to his teacher I think.

Anything else I should do? Only thing is, we had something similar happen he was a Pre-School, and I thought he'd learnt his lesson.

Miaou Wed 28-Feb-07 16:44:44

Legacy, now he is a little older, I would think that the embarrassment of having to hand them over to the teacher and say sorry might have more impact than it did in pre-school.

Don't worry - most children go through a phase of this - I distinctly remember stealing a pink coloured pencil from school when I was about 6 because I didn't have one that colour (and repeated the offence because my mother never made a comment the first time )

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