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Dry at night

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didireallysaythat Sun 12-Feb-17 08:46:32

DS2 is 6.5 years old and not dry at night yet. He currently wears pull ups at night but he's getting a bit big for the largest size now. He has a few dribbling accidents a couple of times during the week - if he's engrossed in something he doesn't give himself enough time to get to the toilet. At night though I don't think he's being lazy, he just isn't getting the signal. He's been in bed with me, fast asleep, and when DH has come to bed and lifted DS2 out we find that he's wet himself and the bed (the pull ups fit isn't great now).

DS1 came out of pull ups at night at 5-6 so I haven't been too bothered (I find most development milestones happen when they happen, and fretting won't help) but I'm wondering if there's something we can do to help him ?

Suggestions ? smile

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