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19 month old driving me up the wall!!! New baby!!

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buckyou Thu 09-Feb-17 14:30:05

I'm overdue with my second baby and my first baby is just acting up something rotten! She's driving me insane!!

She was happy going to nursery and having my mum look after her but she seems to have regressed and now goes completely mental even when my mum arrives at the house! But she doesn't really act in a clingy way, she just has a tantrum and screams! I've just dropped her off at nursery and she clung to me and got really upset (she was fine last week).

General behaviour is pretty bad at the mo - lots of tantrums and kicking off about stuff.

Do you think it's because she knows something is different with me? What can I do to help her through, what I'm hoping is just a phase!? I'm just dreading what is going to happen when the baby comes!!

SnotGoblin Thu 09-Feb-17 15:13:26

They tend to go through a bit of a separation anxiety phase at this age anyway (and that can be maddening enough) but yes, I do think they pick up on a change in you. What made it worse for me and mine was that her needy, clingy behavior would make me push her away from me which made her even more clingy and annoying. Good luck, hope it passes and you all find the new normal soon :-)

buckyou Thu 09-Feb-17 15:39:39

Thanks. Good to know I'm not alone! It doesn't seem to come out in her actually being clingy (apart from when I'm actually leaving) it just comes out as really unpleasant behaviour. I feel so bad for my poor mum! But then when I leave and she comes round she has a lovely time.

Toddlers are strange things!!

SnotGoblin Fri 10-Feb-17 19:03:51

They are maddeningly strange. Hope yours settles down soon.

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