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Worried about DS (6)

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EenyMeenyMo Mon 06-Feb-17 21:49:25

I am worried about my DS who is 6. He keeps getting really upset and saying he is the unluckiest boy in the world and only happy at home. He is an only child and I think he struggles to fit in at school with friends.
He says things like they all pick on him, he never gets to play his games (they say he can play his game tomorrow then they don't) - they hit him and then get him into trouble /accuse him of hitting etc and then he just sobs and sobs.
I don't think these are happening in the way it says (I'm trying to ask some of the mums directly how he is when we're not around) - I just think he isn't good at compromising - I also feel he may be on the edges of lots of friendships and so maybe has to compromise more (which seems harsh).

I just don't know what to advise him . I had a DN who seemed to choose to play on his own rather than not play what he wants but this isn't what DS wants.
He just gets in a taste thinking everything is unfair - complains or crys -which makes the other boys either tease him or avoid him (I think)

I want to try and speak to his teacher but I am not doing school runs this week and DP is bloody useless at raising this kind of stuff and he is not sure about it (he either says its nothing or tells DS not to play with the boys if he doesn''t want to - which he does)?
DS also develops nervous tics- which i am concerned are behavioural /psychological now!!

corythatwas Tue 07-Feb-17 09:45:03

I would try to make an appointment with the teacher, sounds like a bit more than a brief after-school chat while s/he is trying to supervise 29 other children.

It may simply be that the other children are a bit wary him because they worry that he is going to get them into trouble by complaining that they are nasty to him. A gentle chat with the teacher may well sort it.

PleasantPhesant Tue 07-Feb-17 09:50:22

I would phone the school and ask if you could make an appointment with the teacher or if the teacher could phone you to discuss your concerns.

Could you invite a friend round for dinner one day? Maybe a Saturday afternoon at the park with some sandwiches and crisps? Fun Friday with a friend home after school for tea?

I'd definitely look at encouraging friendships. Maybe invite a different children over time and encourage their friendship

Twittery Tue 07-Feb-17 09:53:52

Has the teacher mentioned anything before?

How is his sleep, eating, general health? I found with mine that they were differ t children when they were very short of sleep?

How is he with friends outside of school? One of mine didn't like the lawlessness of the boys playing at school so tended to play alone but as I knew he played well with friends and siblings outside of school I wasn't too concerned and sure enough as the kids all matured (him and them) he was happily playing with the other boys at school. I also hadn't been that concerned as my son wasn't that concerned obviously had he been upset by it like your so then I would be worried

Does he play better with the girls?

I'd book a meeting (or a telephone call if easier) with the teacher and see what she or he suggests.

Good luck, it's hard to see you kid unhappy. flowers

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