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Nocturnal baby

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Bellabelloo Mon 06-Feb-17 10:33:59

My DS is now 2 weeks old. When he was inside me he was never active during the day, but kept me awake from 22.00-03.00. And he's doing the same now. I just can't settle him within those hours. I know it will take time to change his body clock - just looking for advice for a good routine. During the day we make sure there's noise and light and keep our voices at a normal level and go for walks. At night it's dark and quiet. He doesn't care!! If he slept at night as well as he does during the day things would be great!!!

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 06-Feb-17 10:45:54

The reason he slept during the day while inside you was because he was constantly held and moving while you were up and about. That's how newborn babies are also designed to sleep - like they're still contained in the womb. Google 'fourth trimester'.

Light and noisy during the day and dark and quiet at night is good. Don't be tempted to keep him awake during the day, though. At this age awake time should only be 45 minutes or so, after which you should be getting him back to sleep by hook or by crook. If you are keeping him awake, wakefulness at night could actually be overtiredness - crazy, but true!

When you say he's up at night, is it the old, 'whenever I put him into the cot he wakes up' or 'he'd sleep all night if I let him sleep on me'? If so, that's bog standard - they need to be on/with mum to know they're safe from predators and close to the food source.

You need to either replicate this with a swaddle, white noise and dummy, or make friends with safe co-sleeping.

Bellabelloo Mon 06-Feb-17 11:22:20

Thank you SO much. That's really helpful. During the day he eats, burps, nappy change, sleeps. I don't keep him awake. At night he is wide awake, eyes wide open and alert from 22.00-3am. Nothing sends him off - lying on my chest, cuddles and rocking, vibrating chair, swaddling etc. Hopefully we'll work it out! Your advice is really helpful. I know it will take a while to get in the groove! X

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