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How do I respond to this?

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NassauBeach Mon 06-Feb-17 10:28:30

5yo ds has started (sometimes) saying he will kill himself when he doesn't get his way. Example this morning he asked could he play his little game on my phone and I said no not before school... he responded "fine I'll just kill myself". He has started saying this in the past couple of weeks in these types of moments. Very calmly, not in a tantrum.

My response has pretty much been to stop what I am doing, sit down at his level, and tell him never to say such an awful thing, it's very serious and very wrong. I asked where he heard such a thing and he said he made it up himself.

This morning, I thought maybe he keeps saying it because I take it so seriously. A way of getting attention.

No issues at home- very happy and loved. He gets into a mood sometimes though when he doesn't get what he asked for, example this morning, and says this...

How should I respond? Should I mention it to teacher in school if there is something going on in there? He doesn't understand the gravity of it... and barely understands death.

NassauBeach Mon 06-Feb-17 11:51:26

Bump? Sitting in work here and feeling sad about this sad

Embolio Mon 06-Feb-17 11:59:22

ih dear, sounds upsetting to hear. From what you say though he doesn't really understand what he's saying - it's probably just something he's heard at school or on tv and now knows that he can get a reaction out of you iyswim?

Have you tried a bright and breezy "oh dear" and changing the subject? If it makes you feel better, my 4 year old threatened to slice his brother into pieces yesterday - no more Ben 10 for a while....!

Ilovecaindingle Mon 06-Feb-17 12:01:06

Remind him of something he would miss if he did. . Oh well I will have to eat your sweets etc. . Don't make a big thing out of him saying it or it will become a battle tool. .

Embolio Mon 06-Feb-17 12:07:33

Yes, my oldest son used to threaten to leave home ('that's it! I'm out of this family'! --the drama llama--) and I just used to say, 'oh dear - I'll miss you so much' and change the subject. He stopped saying it eventually.

Slimmingsnake Mon 06-Feb-17 12:09:51

I always ignor what I don't like,my ds can latch on to the slightest things he suspects I disapprove of and kept doing /repeating the odd swear word I just don't miss a beat and don't bat an eye lid and he's no idea it's a rude word ,so dosnt repeat.if he got wind of one I didn't approve of he'd repeat it gleefully at every opportunity...but he's possibly probably got ASD.and he's hard work.hes older than yr son thou...I suspect yrs is doing it for yr reaction and attention that saying it brings...I'd ignor and change the subject

NassauBeach Mon 06-Feb-17 12:20:08

You know - I think you are all right. I will just be bright and breezy. I was "watching myself" and my reaction this morning iykwim and it made me think hmmmm he is loving this drama he gets when he says this. He doesn't know what it really means. It's just a shocking thing to hear your baby say!!!

Ok - won't labour it anymore and see does he drop it soon. Hmmm ok that's very sad-well can dsis have all your Lego then??

Thanks for your responses.

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