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Rhythm - can you teach it?

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lovelymama Sun 05-Feb-17 22:48:09

My DD loves dancing - she goes to tap, ballet and modern but she really doesn't get 'it'. She has no sense of rhythm at all and can't keep up with the class as she just can't remember the routines. She has some learning difficulties - she's 6.5 and in year 2 but has a very low ability, had speech and language problems etc.

She loves dancing and is in an age appropriate class. The teacher told me this week that she can't do the exam as she won't pass it. I don't mind about the exams but I just want to help her with her rhythm as she is very aware that she isn't the same as the other girls in the class and has told me she's worried about the fact she can't remember the routines.

Can I teach her rhythm? Is it possible to learn? I have natural rhythm so I have no idea how to teach it and a google search hasn't offered any obvious answers.

user1477282676 Mon 06-Feb-17 09:11:39

I think you can definitely try. I would play simple clapping games with her...very simple ones with fun or funny rhymes. When she's got a simple one, you could try adding a stamp in there.

Also, encourage her to watch know the dance group? They use household objects like brooms etc to create a beat.

Repeat, repeat and repeat the simple beats she gets...and when she's got in inside of herself, do another one.

Use objects to bang out rythms too.

Seeline Mon 06-Feb-17 09:18:53

I wonder how much is a lack of rhythm and how much is the inability to remember the routine. If you are constantly trying to catch up, you will not be keeping the correct rhythm.
If she can remember the routine, the rhythm should come with it.
Does she know how to count the beats?

lovelymama Mon 06-Feb-17 12:27:40

Thanks for the replies. We've tried hearing the beat and clapping but she just claps at random times and although I can see she's trying she just can't get it. My friend said she can empathise as she can't hear beats either which makes me wonder if you can teach it.

great idea about Stomp - I've wanted to see that so it would be good to watch that with her.

Luckily I heard from her dance teacher this morning and she is going to send me a video of the routines so i can practise them with her at home and try and get her to remember the routine so she at least has a chance of keeping up.

user1477282676 Mon 06-Feb-17 12:42:01

I'm a shocking dancer OP. I trained as an actor at a very good drama school and did three years worth of dance training. Still awful. Without or with Learning difficulties, some of us just can't do it. If she's enjoying it though, then that's all that matters.

mumndad37 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:30:31

Could you try some of the old-fashioned marching chants? "The ants go marching one by one...." or "Left, (pause) Left, (pause), Left Right Left" as you march in time to the words. Kids usually need to feel the rhythm in their body to "get it"

TeenAndTween Mon 06-Feb-17 16:12:25

My DD1 has dyspraxia, but loves drama / musical theatre. She has always struggled to learn routines etc, but over the years she has improved through practice. She now (age 17) can look like she's enjoying herself when dancing rather than just concentrating (or even looking at her feet when much younger).
So I don't know so much about being taught, but it can certainly improve with practice.

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