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How can I be more patient with my 2yo?

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boysboysboys123 Sun 05-Feb-17 07:32:18

My LO has just turned 2 & im struggling with some of the behaviours. But more than anything I'm struggling to be patient. Yesterday I put him in naughty step even tho I k ow he's too young to get it so is pointless. Also he was hitting me in face, then went to git me in face with toy so I put my hand out & without meaning to pushed him backwards.
I'm sat here crying torturing myself about it. I hate myself & he deserves better.
Any tips?

Mol1628 Sun 05-Feb-17 07:40:43

Try distracting with something positive rather than reacting to the bad behaviour.

Show him what you want him to do. Instead of getting cross at the hitting say no, we be gentle, and give him a gentle hug or a gentle high five or something.

Show him the behaviour you want instead of getting worked up about the ones you don't.

They're just like little puppies at this age they want to please you so it should work.

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