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What is connor score for ADHD?

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lars Wed 23-Jun-04 16:09:17

I've just read another thread and heard about the connor score for ADHD, What is this?

blossomhill Wed 23-Jun-04 20:01:30

Basically a questionnaire is sent home and to the school and it scores for ADHD. My dd scored high this time last year and was dx with ADHD. The fact was that she was so unhappy at the last school and at home that her behaviour was mirroring ADHD. The new school (special unit within mainstream) do not think dd has it but her attention difficulties are due to her language problems. Although I must say with the right support dd's behaviour has calmed right down.

darcireece Fri 19-Jun-09 16:37:19

i have just completed this it is a list of questions on 3 subjects hyeractivity/implusiveness & innatentive the questions are simple i think they is about 60 both parents & the teacher will recieve one

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