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14 week old hysterically crying getting worse

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Sardines18 Sun 29-Jan-17 17:50:24

My 14 week old has just begun to have hysterical crying fits in the evening where he gets bright red and stiffens up as if he's in pain and shrieking like I've not experienced since his first vaccinations.

This has been going on for over a week now and the episodes seem to be getting earlier, more frequent and lasting longer everyday....

If it was down to colic/reflux/gas pains why would it have only just began now at 3 months? I thought that digestion related pains were supposed to get better the older they got?

This seems to have come out of nowhere and the only way he will settle is once he's exhausted himself into sleeping when I put him in the sling.

Health visitor just said it's developmental changes or gas pains but I'm not sure just from the timing of this beginning and also how long it's been going on. He does eventually settle so surely he can't be ill?

Any ideas/advice?

Katkin14 Sun 29-Jan-17 23:06:12

I can't offer any suggestions; my DS had silent reflux, but had it from birth. Like you say, it would be weird for it to start now. What I would say though is that it sounds like the HV is being dismissive. I had the same when I raised similar concerns about my DS. I decided to go to my GP and I'm so glad I did. What the HV had made me feel was my neurosis and inexperience was taken seriously by the GP. DS was given medication and he improved very quickly. With your DC the HV might be right and it may be just a phase, but trust your instinct and go to the GP if you're concerned.

Mwnci123 Sun 29-Jan-17 23:26:22

My DD went through a phase at around that age of getting terribly upset some late afternoons/ evenings, which in retrospect I think might have been a combination of digestive issues and being very overtired- she'd started staying awake for long periods in the day and I don't think she was getting enough daytime sleep.

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