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You stupid old mummy...

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Misty9 Sun 29-Jan-17 09:56:47

5yo ds is starting to come out with gems such as this and "stupid old.." is applied to most things at the moment. We've told him it's unkind and not acceptable, I've shouted and get him to apologise etc, but it isn't stopping him from saying it.

How do others respond to unkind behaviour/words? Ignore it? Seems wrong though...

SteppingOnToes Sun 29-Jan-17 10:19:46

My DSS calls people stupid a lot - I've heard his mother call him it. Kids tend to use terms to others that they see hurts the most. Maybe just listen and see if anyone is calling him stupid? I've found since DDS's mum stopped calling him stupid (eg spilled a drink 'look what you've done you stupid boy') he has stopped too. His other one he says a lot when frustrated is 'you never listen to me' - his mum says this a lot too...

Misty9 Sun 29-Jan-17 15:02:39

We have a fair idea of who is saying it and we try our best to educate him about not copying his friend etc, but it doesn't help that I'm mega stressed at the moment so it's easy as hell to push my buttons...

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