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head butting 12 m/o - passing phase?

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UniSarah Sun 25-Feb-07 21:25:53

Uniboy has started throwing trantraums, yelling, kicking, pushing adults away, lieing down sobbing and now head butting the floor.
Can anyone reassure me this is a common behaviour phase for that age? My current tactic is to ignore him till he calms down a bit and then pick him up and try to distract him with something other than what ever caused him to melt down. doesn't always work and he can spend an hour bawling because I moved him away from an unsafe situation he wanted to explore.

mamama Mon 26-Feb-07 00:49:30

Yes, it is 'normal' toddler behaviour, apparently but is scary to watch, isn't it?

DS has been doing it since about 12 months (he's now 17 months) & does it so hard he often ends up with a bump and a bruise.

If I fail to divert the tantrum the best thing for me is to ignore it until he calms down a little and then give him a tight hug, pinning his arms to his side & making sure he can't headbutt me.

I know it's shocking but I am sure they grow out of it.

I hope so anyway!

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