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Inantile Spasms

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GoosevonMoose Sat 28-Jan-17 14:42:47

Has anyone else had a baby who has been investigated for IS? We have been referred to GOSH and I'm terrified.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jan-17 09:09:15

I haven't Goose but didn't want you to go unanswered. Hopefully this will bump for you.

GoosevonMoose Sun 29-Jan-17 13:12:19

Thanks, Jilted.

NCforIS Thu 02-Feb-17 07:52:28

Have you had your EEG yet goose?

GoosevonMoose Thu 02-Feb-17 10:56:03

We've had the 1 hour now the extended at GOSH is tomorrow.

NCforIS Thu 02-Feb-17 12:20:22

We're just out of an hour one. Good luck tomorrow

GoosevonMoose Thu 02-Feb-17 12:26:11

How did it go NCIS?

NCforIS Thu 02-Feb-17 14:48:05

Shite. No change in eeg

Miloarmadillo1 Thu 02-Feb-17 15:01:34

Hi. My daughter was diagnosed with IS 2 years ago and I'm an admin of 2 Facebook support groups. Goose I think you may be on the UK one already?
UK group
International one

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