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Advice Needed. How did weaning effect your baby?

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Autumn78 Sun 25-Feb-07 15:30:17

I'll be starting weaning next month, using ‘she who must not be mentioned’ weaning book.

I just wanted to know how weaning effected your baby?

Did it disturb they're sleep, or did they sleep better? Did it effect their behavior? Were they able to stay awake longer with fewer naps? Did it take them a while to adjust?

Any and all comments welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

MuffinMclay Sun 25-Feb-07 16:06:45

With my DS I didn't notice any difference in sleep patterns at first. We started with just small amounts of baby rice and pureed fruit and veg, mainly to get him used to the idea. He was a bit resistant to the spoon at first, preferring me to put small amounts directly into his mouth.

Once he was eating more substantial amounts he started having longer daytime naps, but it never really made much difference to his night-time sleeping.

Not sure it made any difference to his behaviour.

I also used that book.....

gegs73 Sun 25-Feb-07 16:17:41

I used that book too with DS and found it brilliant. Helped me to structure his feeds as previously they had been all over the place.

I used the times she said for day time feeds and phased out the night time feeds/reduced the amount I fed him until he didn't wake up.

Don't think it affected his behavouir or naps. By that age, I think he had a sleep around 9am, then one after his lunch which stayed the same.

Only thing I will say is only introduce one new food at a time. DS couldn't eat carrots of all things! Gave him runny poo. When he reached 1 he was absolutely fine with them. Not that he will eat them now aged nearly 3 but that is a completely different story

herbgarden Sun 25-Feb-07 20:46:20

I've also used the book - it's great really as a lot of books give advice but it's all different and if you follow different bits, you end up all over the place.

My lo was unsettled for the first month until you get the hang of it. Then he settled down once on 3 meals a day. Hang in there, it's just a phase.

Twinklemegan Sun 25-Feb-07 20:53:50

Excellent book. Can't say I noticed any changes in behaviour that couldn't be put down to him growing up though.

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