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DD's Anger Issues

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tigercub50 Thu 26-Jan-17 08:59:45

My DD is 8 & has always been very strong - willed but we are having so many problems with her behaviour lately. I do wonder if she is starting puberty early? She can be like Jekyll & Hyde! Just now, for example, we were talking perfectly normally when completely out of the blue she turned on me & was incredibly rude. She excused how she was speaking to me by saying I was making her cross ( there is always an excuse but this is the latest). The other day when my husband was trying to talk to her about her behaviour on the way to school, she got really upset & said that there was something wrong but it was so bad that she couldn't tell us & nothing would make it better. I ended up comforting her & reassuring her that nothing she could say would make a difference to how we feel about her but my husband was cynical & thought she was just trying to deflect our attention away from her behaviour ( she had tried to push DH out into the road). Anyway, she brought this up again today but I wasn't sympathetic this time & told her that she couldn't just behave how she wanted. I was really upset. I think now whatever she does, she will just say about her "problem" & refuse to listen to us. She's pretty bad at doing that anyway! I know I could handle things better & I do tend to argue back rather than tell her firmly what's what but any advice would be welcome. She's adopted but had a great start in life as her fostercarer took her from birth & is an amazing person. I just want to help DD manage her emotions & also I need to understand where this attitude etc comes from

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