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Tips? 7yr old talks a lot about 'being fat' and 'fat is bad'

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Ren81 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:46:54

My VERY skinny beanpole daughter who is 7 yrs old has started talking a lot about her 'looking pregnant', 'my belly looks fat' etc. I have already raised a daughter who is now an adult and I have never had issues with her in this area. I am slim but I NEVER talk about dieting, losing weight, 'fat women are bad' etc in front of her (I don't do anyway). This is part of my parental policy plus I truly love women with curves and have always been slightly envious of curvy women as I am flat chested and sporty looking. We are very sporty in our house and eat well but don't go overboard with the 'no sugar' or 'no snacks' rules as I know these actually foster negative feelings around food.
So I sat her down the other day and asked her if the girls in her class are talking about fat. Turns out that one of her best friends is being called 'stupid' and 'dumb' as she is bigger than most, by a few other girls in the class. My DD cried as she said she was scared one day she would be fat and then would be seen as 'stupid'. SIGH.....any tips out there how to handle this? I have already shown her pics of plus size models, talked about my own role models, my close friends, some of whom are bigger but still beautiful and wise etc. IS this a phase that will pass? She is sooo young??

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