Baby suddenly fussy and wont be put down

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user1485365454 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:41:44

Frist time mum and need some advice! My little boy is just over 2 weeks old and today has become very fussy. He's eating at shorter intervals and will happily sleep on me but the minute I put him down he cries and then takes about 10 mins to calm down and fall back to sleep on me again. Is this normal behaviour? Not sure how to handle the tonight as I can't sleep with him on me! Any help would be ace!

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ThinkPinkStink Wed 25-Jan-17 17:55:09

Congratulations on your new baby! Is he your first?

My little girl is now 14 weeks old and I remember week two being really hard, it's like she 'found her cry' having been a little bundle of cute until then, she realised that if she shouted, I'd do whatever it was she wanted me to do about 10 seconds faster. It really felt like my lovely easy going baby's personality had completely changed.

But like everything so far in her life, it was just a phase, she was growing and developing and it made her a bit grumpy (I was tired and hormonal so it felt overwhelming). She went back to her usual self after a few days, every so often she has a day like that, clingy and grouchy and cross, and I always put it down to a growth spurt or developmental leap (it's worth looking up 'wonder weeks').

Of course your little boy could be a grouchy little sausage for longer, but in all likelihood it's just a short phase.

ThinkPinkStink Wed 25-Jan-17 17:56:06

Sorry I see he is your first, bad reading! (Distracted trying to keep bouncy chair bouncing at an even pace to keep DD asleep in it!).

user1485365454 Wed 25-Jan-17 18:40:53

Thanks for your reply! I was looking at growth days and wondered if it could be that. Nice to know that its a normal phase! I find myself googling everything at the moment lol x

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ThinkPinkStink Wed 25-Jan-17 20:16:44

These first few weeks are really scary, I remember googling the most ridiculous things (including 'why does my baby hate me?' at 4am). But really do believe me that just because something is a certain way today, doesn't mean it will be tomorrow or next week, his neediness is probably not your 'new reality' it's probably just a blip.

It's so hard to enjoy them at this stage, but give it a few weeks and he'll be smiling, that makes everything a whole lot better!

ThinkPinkStink Wed 25-Jan-17 20:30:08

Oh and I meant to say; if you're worried about DS's health, then trust your instincts and if it feels right; take him to see the midwife/GP. Never worry about wasting anyone's time when they are so little, no one will ever begrudge you asking questions!

spacepoodle Wed 25-Jan-17 20:49:25

Those first few weeks were so up and down! I remember the first 2-3 weeks with my boy being particularly scary. For the first week he slept a lot. After then he started to be awake more and it seemed like any time he was awake he was screaming!

I believe there is a growth spurt around 2 weeks - I remember that being a particularly grumpy time. My advice is feed on demand (whether breast or formula) and make sure baby gets as much sleep as possible.
I'd recommend you download the Wonder Weeks app which is really useful in letting you know when developmental "leaps" occur, what they entail and what you can do to help baby through them.

If it helps my baby is now 4.5 months and is really smiley and cheery! Your instincts will tell you what to do, as cheesy as that sounds, and you know best.

spacepoodle Wed 25-Jan-17 20:51:17

Regarding sleep, I cracked about day 5 and bought a Sleepyhead as my baby wouldn't sleep anywhere except on me. Combined with a Miracle Blanket that seemed to do the trick!

Flisspaps Wed 25-Jan-17 20:55:23

I hate the newborn phase - not wanting to go down is normal though, babies are designed to need to be close to you.

I stopped putting DS down in the end, carried him in a sling and co-slept. We all got some sleep that way.

user1485365454 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:56:46

Thanks everyone, will definitely download the app, sounds really useful. Reassuring to know that everyone goes through the same thing smile

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BLjwTwx3 Thu 26-Jan-17 22:20:01

It's completely normal. Think of it this way, he's been on this planet for 2 weeks after being in a tiny womb, he's now in this huge place. He can't see very well at the moment but he wants comfort. Your heartbeat, smell and voice are what comforts him and all he can really understand at this time. He's feeling a little overwhelmed by the big wide world and wants mums comfort to make it seem less scary!

And just a side note, if anyone says anything along the lines of "you want to stop picking him up/holding him or he'll never want to be put down", kindly or not so kindly tell them to DO ONE - its nonsense grin

AFCMummy84 Tue 24-Jul-18 19:13:19

Hi All, after some advice. My first born was a prem baby (10 weeks early) and spent the first eight weeks in hospital. He was fussy and not a great sleeper but this was mainly due to medical reasons, after having a shunt he actually slept better until at 18 months he started having seizures which was since diagnosed as epilepsy. He's now 5 and sleeps fine but the whole 'normal baby' was not the norm for us. Since having my second child in May we are now experiencing for the first time the reality of having a newborn. She is 10 weeks old and for the last 2.5 weeks has been so fussy to the point that she will only be comforted by me and that's only if I carry her around in a baby carrier. If I dare to sit down she stirs and will scream constantly, it was my son's birthday the other day and I literally had to have her strapped to me the whole party as she would not settle with anyone else. When she was first born I could not believe my luck as I could put her in her crib or Moses basket and she'd sleep so so could get on with things like wash, dress, housework and spend quality time with my son. Now I have her 24/7 and I feel bad for my son as he is also wanting my attention (not in a jealous way) just genuinely wanting a cuddle from his mum but physically I can't as the only time she is calm is when she is in the baby carrier. She can have a massive screaming fit, stop suddenly and start coping/smiling then for no reason at all start crying again. I used to be able to just hold her in my arms and she'd settle but she won't do that now very rarely. She has a good appetite and is putting on weight fine, she has reflux so is now on an anti reflux milk and since having this she's taking more and is much more settled after feeds. At nighttime if she isn't being fussy she will go down fine and sleep 5-6 hours have a feed then go back to sleep for another 4-5 hours. If she's fussing then it can take up to two hours of her crying before she will settle and by this time she's usually 'overtired'.

Basically as we never had this time or experience with my firstborn is this normal? I have the wonder weeks app so know at the moment it's saying she's going through a leap but I never remember having this with my firstborn. Even my mum was surprised at how fussy she was as previously they'd not believed me when I said she was fussy. Oh yes forgot to say when others tried to take her at my son's party she cried until I held her again and then instantly stopped or if she heard my voice would scream until I took her. I know she is still small and TBH if I have to carry her around happy to do so but trying to explain this to a 5 year old who has actually been fantastic since she arrived and not being able to do things with him (it's now the Sumner hols and 6 weeks is a long time) I'm feels by at my wits ends how we'll get through this....need to know there's light at the end of the tunnel!

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