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Baby signing dvd

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autumngold6 Tue 24-Jan-17 10:07:30

Could anyone please recommend a baby signing dvd. It's for my granddaughter who is 12 months old.

ZackyVengeance Tue 24-Jan-17 10:09:34

my dd has sn and has these, they are really good and aimed at babies

autumngold6 Tue 24-Jan-17 15:47:47

Thank you Zachy, will look at those. Are they British Sign Language?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 24-Jan-17 17:43:42

Is it baby signing you want or are you trying to teach a particular signing language like makaton?

nuggles Wed 25-Jan-17 10:17:48

I second the sing and sign dvds ZackyVengeance posted. Used both the dvds for my son who is now 2. Helped tremendously with his learning and signing how he feels without knows the words to express himself

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