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4 Years old speech delay - APD

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2017morework Mon 23-Jan-17 13:41:34

DS has just turned 4. His speech delay was picked up since he was 2.5. We has gone through NHS all the waiting list and also had paid out of our own pocket for a pediatrician for an assessment at age 3. Nothing major was found so far, at least autism has been excluded.

We've been using a speech therapist since last summer. The improvement is there and he can express himself most of the time but the pronunciation is rather poor and , if you don't know him, you certainly wouldn't understand him at all. He also seems forgets words frequently and that made him reluctant to speak the whole sentence or form his whole ideas verbally. It feels terrible to imagine,when he gets to school this summer, how on earth he could cope.

During my constant research for explanations, I came across the concept of APD. A sudden click, as all the symptoms are virtually describing myself. More often than not, I "mishear" people and I can't hear the lyrics out of any songs and I need subtitles up for watching films and my husband has this eternal headache that he can't recall how many times he has to repeat the same sentence to me until I understand what he says. Over years, I got to know I can't deal with group meeting or office gossips, as I simply can't catch up.

I feel awful at this moment as this can run in family and for fact I know my mum and my brother both have the same issue. If this is part of the reason DS has this bad speech delay, he must have been feeling helpless with all these people talking can't reach him as he couldn't "hear" what they say.

I can't bear thinking DS has to go through the same thing during his life, as being half deaf really kills self-esteem and it creates a deep gap separating you from others.

So I would really appreciate if you have any advice/experience to share about this APD:

- I saw lots of positive results from auditory training, like Tomatis Method or the Listening Program. How much do they cost if we try them privately?

- I saw NHS does seem to take on the diagnosis of APD. Is there an age barrier for having a proper diagnosis? How long he will have to wait till a conclusion could be made?

- Would NHS prescribe these auditory training or not?

I'm just not sure if it is still worth going through the hassle to let NHS do something about it. Once DS starts school, the disadvantage would demonstrate fully and his confidence will inevitably take a big hit.

Can someone help and share your experience? I'd be grateful. sad

HorridHenryrule Mon 23-Jan-17 13:48:34

Get a teacher in your house once a week will help to bring him along. I have had 2 children out of 4 with speech delay. It is frustrating but you have to be persistent with education. The only thing helped me was hiring a private teacher. There is a good chance that the teacher won't have time to help him catch up. I tell you now the school done nothing to help my children progress and move along. I had to pay a teacher myself to do it.

RandomMess Mon 23-Jan-17 13:49:16

Just about to finish my lunch break.

I have mild APD, my youngest had it severely - kept passing her NHS hearing tests but her speech was awful and didn't improve in 9 months when she was 2.

By fluke she was tested by a Johansen Therapist and when we looked at her hearing curve just no wonder, she was near hearing impaired in the high frequencies and far too sensitive in the low frequencies.

She was 3.5 when she started with Johansen Therapy (very very young - like I said a fluke as we were going for my older child for some other treatment) We tried a standardised disc (you have custom ones made and sent to you for treatment) and after 5 weeks the change in her hearing was hugely notable. At that point it was clear that it was APD rather than some other physical issue that could be changed.

DD only had about 5 discs to get her hearing to near perfect, of course then all the new words she learned were all correct and she had relearn her old words which took around a year. It wasn't cheap probably £500 in all but worth every penny.

I still feel very angry and sad that the NHS kept telling me there was no issue with her hearing and she just wasn't in the mood to play the hearing game when clearly it was because she COULDN'T hear the sounds.

Well worth every penny. Their hearing is tested every so many weeks of listening to the CD (sounds like classical music) so if it isn't helping your child then you don't carry on, you don't sign up for x CDs regardless!


RandomMess Mon 23-Jan-17 13:50:29

Oh and my DD is used in all his training talks etc because she was so young to be treated and because the change in her hearing was so phenomenal and rapid!

HorridHenryrule Mon 23-Jan-17 13:51:20

He will get there its heart breaking to see. He will be fine but don't rely on the school because they have 29 other children. I hope that helps.

Whosafraidofabigduckfart Mon 23-Jan-17 14:07:06

My ds has an auditory processing delay. He's been going to SALT for the last year (he's just turned 5 - and as we are in Ireland we've delayed starting school

He also had an occupational therapy assessment which showede sensory processing issues. He needs some help to get into the learning zone. In my Ds's case he needed to strengthen his core muscles and

He's doing OT as they identified areas which needed help.

Iwant2move Mon 23-Jan-17 14:08:47

My son has ADP.
There is a group on facebook Auditory Processing Disorder UK which is a great source of information. It's a closed group.
Push for help. The facebook group will help you to get the appropriate help and an official diagnosis.

2017morework Mon 23-Jan-17 14:51:11

RandomMess, thank you! I only started looking at different therapies. I will look into Johansen Therapy. Do you mind pm me the therapist you used for your DD? Thank you!

Iwant2move, thanks for the tips. I will look up for it.

HorridHenryrule, thanks. The comment about school is noted...

APDncsresearch Wed 22-Feb-17 13:53:30

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jpkelle2 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:20:52

my name is jess and my brother did the listening program unfortunately its quite costly. I'm hoping to provide those in need with the 8 cd binder and cd set. If youre interested you can go ahead and email me at

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