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Lateral lisp?

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whattimestea Mon 23-Jan-17 08:20:21

My ds who is almost 8 has always had a bit of a lisp. He does pronounce his "s" and "z" words with a slightly softer sound - maybe not a solid "th" but getting on for it. It's never bothered him or us in any way, it's just how he speaks. However he occasionally when he's saying certain words make that spitting sound that Sylvester the cat makes. You know like when your tongue rolls to make a spitting noise? I'm not sure if I'm describing it well but in my head I can hear the noise but just can't articulate it great! I've only become bothered now because as he gets older I'm worried he'll be teased about it - he hasn't or isn't so maybe I'm panicking over nothing. I've Googled and his kind of lisp is a lateral lisp apparently and is one which shouldn't be left and should be treated? Does anyone have any experience of this type of lisp? And is it something we should see our GP about?

user1477282676 Mon 23-Jan-17 09:16:26

I have a "sibilant S" which is also sometimes called "splashy" by speech types.

I was taught at drama school to say "Sausages" over and over but to start off the word with a T. So "Tsausages"

Is it like this man describes?

whattimestea Mon 23-Jan-17 10:42:50

It's more like this. I've seen a lateral lisp compared to Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age films but it's less of a mushy sound and more of a blowing raspberries sort of noise. Definitely like Sylvester the cat but not a constant as it is within that clip. So for the word "sausages" for example, DS may say the start of sausages absolutely fine but blow a raspberry on the middle "s" if that makes sense?

user1477282676 Mon 23-Jan-17 11:04:18

Ah I see! Yes, I would see the GP and look for a referral to a speech therapist. A speech impediment isn't always something which holds people back...look at Jonathon Ross! But we're not all Johnathon Ross so for your son, it's probably best to have it looked at.

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