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3 month old responding to sounds

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user1484999658 Sat 21-Jan-17 13:03:22

Hi all i tried to post earlier and not sure if it worked or not so appologies if this is a double thread. I have a 12 week old son, he is almost 13 weeks and i am starting to worry as he does not seem to turn his head to the source of any sound, when im in his line of sight and talking to him he looks at me, smiles coos ect, if i move around the room while i have his attention he will follow me with his eyes, but when im at his side out of his line of aight and i clap, sing make noises ect, or have a toy that plays music for eg , he doea not turn his head to see the source of the sound. I know im maybe worrying a little early on about this, but my 4 year old daughter has autism ( she is my first born), and now i worry that this may be an early indication with my son, as some mums will know not responding to sounds out of sight can be a big indicator of something not being quite right, he has had his hearing tests at birth and all was fine, am i worrying too soon ? As i said my 4 year old is autistic so her development, although it was delayed it was the norm for me, if anyone can offer any advice/ info on their experiences with their own childrens development , or what age babies start to respond to sound in that way i would really appreciate it , thanks x

user1477282676 Sun 22-Jan-17 06:09:25

flowers Sorry you're worried. It IS more worrying for you as you've been there and done that in terms of discovering a difference with your first child.

Remember that you will be hyper alert to his development and that you could be seeing issues where there are none...though I'm sure you're aware that having one child with Autism does increase the chances of a should at this point do your best to enjoy your baby and though you may want to voice your concerns to your HV or GP, it's a bit too early to tell.

user1471520545 Sun 22-Jan-17 06:17:57

I think that is normal. I think our son only started to turn towards sounds at around that age so I would leave it for a month or so to see if things change.

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