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how do I get DS 9 to rest?

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smilingsarahb Wed 18-Jan-17 20:47:06

I have a very active 9 year old who seems to just keep going for days, weeks even until he burns out and then is almost ill and sleeps for a few days. He is well behaved (angelic at school) but as the days go on he starts to get edgy almost, and has dark rings, pale skin like he hasn't slept and gets short tempered. He has a good bedtime routine, drops of to sleep easily although he does sleep walk. He often wakes early and can't get back to sleep which is hard. He doesn't make noise or doing anything naughty but he will read or do drawings until 6:30 when he is allowed out of his room. I don't think this would be an issue if he would just veg out and watch TV sometimes but HE NEVER STOPS. He will do a self led craft before I get up, he signs himself up for before school sports clubs, does school, does his homework, goes for a bike ride, helps me make dinner, practices an instrument, swims a mile comes home and starts a science experiment. He exhausts himself. Its not content activity, its like he cant be calm. If I insist he sits down and rest with the TV on, or we snuggle and I read to him he rolls around the floor and makes a series of wibble noises and taps the furniture until he's allowed to do something active. He rushes things and won't stick at things for a long time. Anyone got some ideas of restful activities that he can do. (Lego and puzzles not an option as he struggles with the dexterity and gets frustrated) I am really keen for him to have something that can help him switch off and relax.

uhoh2016 Wed 18-Jan-17 21:02:21

Will he have a long bubble bath? Or perhaps listen to audio books on headphones? So his mind may be active but he's not physically active.
My ds enjoys a back and head massage too, he learnt it at school along with yoga as relaxing techniques.

smilingsarahb Wed 18-Jan-17 21:13:28

That's 3 good ideas! Thank you. I will give them all a go. I'm so keen for him to learn to be calm.

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