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Peer Pressure

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tortoiseSHELL Fri 23-Feb-07 20:29:07

What are your experiences of peer pressure? I'm just interested - ds1 (5.8) seems to be immune (thank goodness) - partly I think because he doesn't watch any tv with ads, but also because he is quite solid in what he thinks, and if someone tells him, for example that Buzz Lightyear is stupid (as happened last week) he just says 'well I like him'. The negative side is that we've been unable to use peer pressure to our advantage (for example with school dinners).

Just interested really how peer pressure has affected other children.

juuule Fri 23-Feb-07 20:32:32

Peer pressure never seemed to happen to my children until they were at secondary school. Then in varying degrees dependant on the child. They are quite reasonable about most things but they are very aware of what is "in" and what's not. We have compromised on more than a couple of occassions so that they didn't feel too "out" of their group.

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