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18 month old always grumpy

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Lagirafe Wed 18-Jan-17 16:40:09

Since starting nursery last Nov my youngest DS has become a complete nightmare.
He used to be happy, smiley and pretty "easy". Now he's so difficult and always grumpy. I think a lot of this stems from frustration as he cannot talk yet (have heard the occasional mama but nothing else). He constantly whines / whinges too.

I probably sound really negative and to be honest that's how I am feeling!

The nursery have asked for a meeting with me to discuss him but did say "not to worry".

He is my 4th but not experienced the grumpy-ness before though 2 of the other 3 have been late to talk (3) but both fine once they started. The same nursery raised concerns regarding one of my others and referred to S&L but came to nothing as he started talking and progressed quickly.

I have to work so he has to be there 4 days/week 8.45-1500. I did think maybe a childminder setting would suit him more as he likes to sleep (normally naps 10-12) but can only manage an hour at nursery as no separate sleeping area just a "quiet" corner with cots.

Any advice anyone?

I've called the HV and left a voicemail to make an appointment as don't want to look negligent in any way.

Wookat1983 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:21:41

Hi Lagirafe,

Have you tried Makaton as a way to help him communicate while he is still learning to talk? It's relatively easy to learn and teach and there are loads of great free resources on the internet which can help get you started.

Unfortunately, because we all have our own unique mix of personality traits some of us are 'grumpy'!

Also, have you tried putting him to bed earlier/waking him up later? Giving him an opportunity to get the sleep he needs at night? Young children need between 10 & 12 hours a night because of all the work their brains and bodies are doing.

You probably wan't to stick to the same routine as the nursery (just 1 hour nap), especially as when he turns 5 and progresses into year 1 he won't be able to nap. Then slowly reduce his naps down at home ready for the summer holidays and the transition into year 1 in September.

You may find after an altered sleep routine, and the ability to communicate he becomes less grumpy smile

Good luck!

Lagirafe Wed 18-Jan-17 17:41:08

Will look into makaton thanks!

He already sleeps 5.30/6pm to 6.30/7am so a good 13 hours a night. He really does need his sleep though and I'm sure a longer nap at nursery would really help his mood but hey-ho. I'm not so worried about Year 1 just yet as he's only 18 months old.

waitingforsomething Thu 19-Jan-17 11:50:39

This might be unpopular, but I think you're onto something with a childminder. For many children, they thrive at nursery but for some very young ones it can be quite a stressful environment, especially if it's just them at home. My children have been much happier with childminder till 3 then into pre-school when they were more ready for that environment. DD had high sleep needs and needed two naps for a long time, then one very long one. The childminder catered for this, and she had a lovely lovely few years. DS is with a childminder now (also 18 months) and He will stay until he's 2 and a half.

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