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Educational YouTube videos/ language skills?

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Gooseisloose Wed 18-Jan-17 16:36:40

My DS is nearly 2. I'm not overly concerned about his speech but it could be better. He has a good amount of words but they aren't the proper words, just his version! He loves watching learning type YouTube videos and there is a good few but they're all American and I don't think he gets them as much. There is one that is sometimes on cbbc and it's about letters, words and phonetics I think but it isn't on very often. He seems to repeat what is said on that show.

Has anyone any suggestions for YouTube videos as learning aid to increasing his vocabulary?

Gooseisloose Wed 18-Jan-17 16:38:55

I do speak to him and repeat words to him myself also, I just thought the YouTube videos might be a good learning aid.

I am in the dark a bit about what to do as he hasn't seen the public health nurse since his 12 month check up. He's due one again shortly but there is a huge back log!

Wookat1983 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:29:15

Hi Gooseisloose,

TV and YouTube aren't always the best at teaching children to speak as often they are talking but not about an object, or a situation which can be easily seen.

Comprehension (understanding of what words mean) is the biggest barrier to communicating so you'll need to increase the amount of time you spend describing things that he, you and your family are doing, or using.

When he is playing with something spend a few minutes just describing e.g., wow, you are playing so nicely with that train. Have you seen this funnel on the top? This is where the smoke comes out and smoke helps the engine turn. This funnel is black, like our cat. I really like this shade of green it reminds me of ...' The more you do this the quicker he will pick up words and be able to link words to objects. When you are with him you will also be able to encourage him to have a go at talking and describing and more importantly be able to guide him if he says something incorrectly.

There are loads of 'word games' you can play to ramp up the amount of words you are saying in the house. After just a couple of weeks of doing this you'll notice a huge improvement!

Hope this helps & good luck!

Gooseisloose Thu 19-Jan-17 10:23:59

Wookat1983 that makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. And I probably haven't been doing that a lot! I wonder will it improve his current vocabulary and also add to it! Thanks for your help!

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