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Attachment disorder/ difficulties

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brillopants Wed 18-Jan-17 14:22:40

I suspect my dd (5) has some sort of attachment disorder, after a long time of worrying about her behaviour . I split with her abusive dad when she was 1. I had PTSD. He ignored her as a baby. Lots more but won't go into detail.
School have been concerned and both myself, school and the health visitor have tried to refer to child mental health services, to no avail.
Have been reading up about attachment on the braveheart site, and trying to gather resources.
Her symptoms fit, and my job feels like to concentrate on being nothing but love, unconditionally, no matter her perceived ' bad' behaviour, as it's just her way of communicating her need for connection. She regularly loses it and hits me over and over. I alway reconnect with her after, and reassure I love her no matter what.

Is there anyone else that's been through this? Or have knowledge of any resources.
I'm so angry that I reported my concerns when she was 2 but it was put down to her picking up on my stress.

Ellieboolou27 Wed 18-Jan-17 19:17:41

I found s great website called A HA parenting, google it it's got some fantastic strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour, also recommend a book called playful parenting. Also ask health visitor to see if there are any parenting courses for you, I've been looking for one in my area to no avail but people have commented on how good they are, does the school offer a nurture group?
I hope you get some support, you sound like a fantastic mum who's using all the right ways to try and manage her issues.

brillopants Wed 18-Jan-17 20:00:38

Thanks ellie, yes she's just started in a small nurture group at school.
Will have a look at that book and website, thanks

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