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16 month old scratching/pinching

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ACatCalledFang Sun 15-Jan-17 22:21:58

DS is 16 months and is currently going through a phase which is really starting to get me down. He has developed a habit of scratching/pinching us and grabbing our skin/hair/glasses.

He occasionally does this for no obvious reason but, more commonly, when "thwarted" - this could be that he has to have his nappy changed, we have to leave soft play, etc - or tired/hungry.

Has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this? He mainly does it to me, followed by DP and DM. My usual strategy is to say no firmly and, if he persists, try to make it physically impossible for him to reach me while ignoring him (eg if changing him at home, plonk him in his cot - his arms are shorter than mine grin).

I'm fairly sure it's an attention thing. He now will have an epic tantrum if he does it to me and, after the initial "no", I plonk him on the floor and refuse to react further. But it's getting really wearing.

I feel like totally ignoring it isn't possible as its not acceptable behaviour plus I'm concerned about him doing it to other kids if we don't take a firm line. But equally, I feel he's not old enough to understand consequences, like older toddlers - "if you do this again, we're going home", etc. Thoughts?

NuffSaidSam Mon 16-Jan-17 04:39:04

You're doing the right thing. A firm 'Ow! No', move his hand away and then put him down/move him away from you/move away from him if you can.

It's very tiresome, but a normal stage of development and he will get it eventually!

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