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HELP !!! Lb being sick in the evenings

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Wojcik1990 Sat 14-Jan-17 20:33:00

Hi everyone. I really need some advice. My LB is 2 years old. He has been a calm and relaxed child most of the time at bedtimes etc. Recently he has started to complain of feeling poorly in the evenings and then being sick at bedtime. He eats fine during the day and doesn't complain of these symptoms but as soon as the evening comes he begins to grumble.this has been happening for about 4 weeks. I then started to notice if he was the someone else's house in the evening he would not complain and go to bed normally. We have just been away for a week and my lb had stayed at his grandparents. He has not been poorly once and has been sleeping much better. My parents have bought him back to our house today and straight away he began complaining of being poorly, he was then sick at tea time. Why is this happening?? Does he hate our house? Am I doing something wrong.?? Any help really appreciated xx

NuffSaidSam Sun 15-Jan-17 00:37:35

I've never come across this before.

How verbal is he? Can you ask him if he likes his bedroom....maybe there is something in there scaring him?

You need to try and pinpoint any differences between the bedtime routine at your house and with other people. Is he eating too much? Or too close to bedtime? Drinking lots of milk? Or maybe eating the toothpaste? Drinking the bath water? Eating the dog food? Is it too warm in your house? Have you changed the type of milk you use/bread/washing powder? Anything that could be causing him to be sick.

Who lives in your/house and puts him to bed? Is there any chance something could be happening at night/at bedtime that's scaring him?

If you can't think of any environmental causes and it continues I'd take him to the doctor.

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