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how to get a teen back to school after long term illness

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luckylinda Thu 22-Feb-07 23:26:37

anyone out there got any suggestions on how best to get a teen (dd age 14) who has only been to school six days this year. she has been complaining of feeling sickness for over a year doctor thought it was psycological but new doctor thinks it may be more serious - lost over a stone in two weeks - she seen a consultant who has prescribed ante-acids and anti sickness tablets - just keeps upping the does but at least she not being sick or feeling nauseaous now unless she forgets tablets. she lost interest in everything - confidence fast disappearing - hoping to get her back to school part-time after half term! anyone had similar experience who can offer advise?

JanH Thu 22-Feb-07 23:41:40

I can understand her feeling so lacking in confidence after such a long time, poor girl

Have you spoken to the LEA? There is usually home teaching available for children who are excluded, or who have other problems which keep them from school - could they give her some home tuition for a while, just to get her confidence back up?

CountessDaveula Thu 22-Feb-07 23:51:58

Well, firstly I would get her seen by a more specialist consultant to see what the problem is. Have they said what the cause is? I would not put up with just increasing doses personally.

merlotmama Fri 23-Feb-07 00:24:55

DS, also 14, suffered with sickness for weeks before we got to the bottom of it. He has over-production of stomach acid and is on antacids twice a day. (In the end, he was thoroughly investigated at hospital, up to and including a barium meal.)

I don't think you would get a home tutor if your DD's now OK, or at least well enough to be at school.

When you say 6 days this year, do you mean since Christmas or this academic year?

I would approach the school in the first instance. They will have had experience of pupils returning after illness and will be able to help if she is anxious about having missed work.

luckylinda Fri 23-Feb-07 07:49:38

thanks for your feed back - have been to the school a number of times requesting work for dd to do at home but have only managed to get work once - visited again last week to try to make arrangements for dd to go back part time for core subjects - she is only year 9 but is due to sit 4 GCSE's this year having said that they have agreed to her re-sitting if her grades are not good so not too much pressure there. dd is going back to consultant in two weeks with a view to doing an endoscopy to see if she has an ulcer and she sees her gp every two weeks for blood tests and general discussion on how she is feeling etc - she has opened up to him about school, her music and cadets and says she is happy with everything although stressed with her father (we split 3 years ago) and she was very upset two weeks ago when the cadets dropped her from her NCO course because she is "unfit" to manage the course and lacking in confidence - a lot of tears over that but she says now that it is for the best and she will do the course later in the year -her commanding officer has praised her up and told her he knows she can do well when feeling better - a big boost
got to go now - thanks again for the feedback

fizzbuzz Fri 23-Feb-07 08:22:36

The school should have provided work for her much more than once. When we have kids on long term sick, we always have to provide work, until they come back, every month.

Why is she doing GCSE in year9? This must be causing her huge pressure, can't she take them in year 11? She could then spend more time concentrating on what she has to catch up on. I would definitely ditch the GCSE's if possible.

Can the school arrange a special sort of friend to stay with her on her first few days back. Has she been in to see head or anyone with you? Just to regain familiarity with the place.

I think it will get easier once she has taken the first plunge. If she doesa stepped return that might help as well. Is there a mentor or anyone who can help her at school?

I teach in a very good school with lots of very able kids, and none of them take GCSE early. I think that is a hughe problem for her TBH, almost off the scale!

luckylinda Fri 23-Feb-07 19:25:31

Thanks Fizzbuzz - have been in to school last week to meet with student support lady - someone DS has had dealings with in the past and DS came too - very keen to get DS back to school but only as she is ready - looking at going part time initially on core subjects only and then building up to full time as, hopefully, health improves
DS has gone away this weekend with her cadet band - lots of support from the instructors and someone designated to ensure she is ok and takes medication and also eats - had 8 calls since she left last night but she seems to be doing ok - think she wants to reassure me as much as anything - love her too bits most of the time but not at 12.45am when she was still texting this morning!

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