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Breast engorgement

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Tabitha1983 Fri 13-Jan-17 09:08:07

Hi ladies...hoping someone can help! 11 week old EBF baby is feeding 2-3hourly through the day and has just started to do longer stretches at night 4-5 hours...yay!....however this is resulting in complete breast engorgement every morning (presumable from lack of feeding overnight). My HV said body adjusts but mine doesn't seem to be! One side is a lot worse than the other too which I find odd?
Last night lo fed at 10pm then 3am then 6:30. This morning I am in agony 😢 I'm trying to pump some off but I'm scared that's going to increase my supply even more!!...arrgghh..I'm in a muddle!! Baby has had a good feed this morn off both sides (reluctantly-he was stuffed after 1 side poor thing!) x

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