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would it be bad to give DD formula?

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Neverknowing Thu 12-Jan-17 21:43:06

My DM is looking after my 12 week old DD next week and I don't have time to express enough. Would it be bad to give her formula just once and then go back to breast milk? If so, does anyone have any advice on which one to give her?

aaahhhBump Thu 12-Jan-17 21:48:28

Mine preferred aptimil. Warm in a bottle. Just make sure you are comfortable you might need to express while you're apart.

Shadowboy Thu 12-Jan-17 21:56:30

Hipp organic. Comes in a nice premise container. It's very mild and of all the formulas I've tried- poo is most like breast milk poo so less likely to affect stomach. I combi fed for two weeks and had no issues.

Shadowboy Thu 12-Jan-17 21:57:09

Premade - sorry!

Poppytime Thu 12-Jan-17 21:58:36

It will be fine OP - I did the same also with hipp, agree nice and warm smile

Neverknowing Thu 12-Jan-17 21:59:29

Thanks guys! Omg I'm so embarrassed about how many times this has posted! Sorry everyone blush

Neverknowing Thu 12-Jan-17 22:00:46

Thanks shadow that's sort of what I was wondering I don't want her stomach to be confused!

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