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6 year old obsessed with time/ clock watching

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Mrsmoo28 Wed 11-Jan-17 21:43:55

My DS is 6. He is very bright, top of class for all subjects, above average reading age etc. Overall he's very happy, normal, sociable but can be a deep thinker at times.
He has become very obsessed with time increasingly so over the last few months. He's constantly asking the time and asking for clarification re if he's read the clock right. Obviously he's learning to tell the time and we're supporting this but there seems more to it. He clock watches from 7pm intently until 7.30 bedtime. If he's 'late' or getting near he stresses and can be known to abandon a book/TV etc not to be 'late'. He's concerned about being late for school and other appointments too. We've tried to be laissez-faire with him and encourage him not to worry and also discussed that nothing bad will happen if he was 'late'. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, how it played out and advice. Thanks.

SnowmaggedonAgain Thu 12-Jan-17 14:58:45

My 10 year old sounds a bit similar overall. He had an issue over not being late for school a few years ago. I did as you are doing. It did pass I am back to happily chivvying him at bedtime and in the morning!

It is for him part of a bigger picture. Just this weekend he did get concerned about mercury build up in the fish on his plate! His big sister had been talking about swordfish and tuna. Well we did as we always do: explain in reassuring tones and move on! More serious things have cropped up along the way. Fretting is a small part of the thoughtful person he is.

I will point out at times how I have made a mistake or miscalculation but it hasn't mattered or I have been able to fix things anyway. The hardest thing is my own occasional lack of patience.

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