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is poo a cry for attention or bad management???!

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redheadmum Thu 22-Feb-07 16:30:11

hello there

I have a 4 1/2 year old dd and a 20 month old ds.

My oldest has been toilet trained for ages, but lately has been having accidents and pooing in her pants. I know she hates to leave the activity she is involved in and take time out to go to the toilet. She is also becoming afraid of the dark, and understandably doesn't want to go upstairs alone without lights on. It's not always possible to go up as a family, so sometimes I scoot up and p ut on all the lights, make sure she is settled and scoot down again.

However, I do also suspect that it is a cry for attention, as she seems to need to go to the toilet at meal times (when I have to leave toddler in high chair to accompany her), or when I'm putting him down and she is playing in her room. Although this morning was just an unrelated accident.

Any ideas????

princessmel Thu 22-Feb-07 16:31:58

Ok don't laugh. Just an idea. How about giving her a special torch she can use to go upstairs with , then a step so she can reach the lights to turn them on. My ds (4) loves torches.

redheadmum Thu 22-Feb-07 19:10:36

doh! why didn't I think of that??? it's a brilliant idea - she loves torches, and will turn OFF the lights to play with it...

OK that's a great idea, will try that for tmw see if it works

princessmel Fri 23-Feb-07 16:05:17

Great, let me know when you've tried it.

redheadmum Tue 27-Feb-07 12:51:24

thanks for the tip - she's really gone for it! I also said that she can then use a stool to put on the lights properly when shes up there. So the torch just helps with that initial fear - thanks!!!

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