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Odd baby behaviour

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Christinedonna Tue 10-Jan-17 21:23:32

Just a bit baffled and hoping someone had a bit of insight. My almost 5 month old DD has been a bit off today and yesterday. Just fussy, she's very very content usually, but the last two days she's been moaning a lot more for no apparent reason, playing with her bottle (the usual time she'd have it so she should be hungry) but she seems to moan for it, then moan that she doesn't want it when I give it to her, the moan when I take it away, moan if I burp her, then she just works herself up and gets really bothered. She seems a bit more sleepy (she had a three hour nap earlier at the time she'd usually go down for about 30minutes- 1hour TOPS! I feel like it may be her teeth as she's constantly sucking her hands and dribbling, even trying to get her foot in her mouth earlier! Does this sound about right for teething?

Justme3 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:31:45

Yes! Welcome to the never ending teething horror ! Good luck! Cold cucumber sticks are nice for them to suck (when they're weaning) or you can chuck their teething toys in the fridge to keep them cold. Slather on the teething gel and wait for that cute first tooth!

Christinedonna Tue 10-Jan-17 21:51:24

Is it common to affect their nappies? We've had ALOT of runny poos!

Justme3 Wed 11-Jan-17 03:15:26

Tricky one.

People on the whole will tell you yes but really no. Teething in itself doesn't cause runny nappies. What causes it is the fact that he is sticking everything in his mouth and has probably picked up a little bug.

So you could argue teething causes runny nappies , but the act of a tooth coming through doesn't . It's what babies do because of teething that makes them more likely to get a bit poorly.

(Advice from dentists and drs )

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