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Unsettled baby- great leaps forward

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MoreBushThanMoss Mon 09-Jan-17 18:06:22

Last few days DS has been a bit oddo. He's 15 weeks (16 if he'd been on time) - and I know about the 16 week wonder week but this week has been something else!

He's much more emotionally changeable than usual, pooing a bit more, sleeping more - but then waking up for an hour at midnight and 5am (not usual sleep pattern for him). He's a bit "clammy" - but no temperature, and he's chewing his fists ferociously.

At the same time, in the past three days, he's started rolling over, sleeping on his side (even when put down on his back - disconcerting as I co sleep and he keeps rolling to me in the night, and gumming/ smacking my face until I wake up. He then smiles at me until I interact- THEN he goes back to sleep!!) he's also learned to pull himself up to a wobbly sitting position (aided) and to reach down and grab his feet. He is also protesting at lying down in the pram.

It's obviously taking it out of him, all this sudden learning, but will it even out !?! Or is he going to be this intense (lovely, and happy, and hilarious - but bloody endlessly on the go) forever now ?!

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