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conversations wiht boys vs conversations wiht girls

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FluffyMummy123 Thu 22-Feb-07 08:53:23

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Thu 22-Feb-07 09:01:20

Message withdrawn

Bozza Thu 22-Feb-07 09:03:50

Not really fair because my DD is only 2, but at 6.45 am

"mummy I sleeping like a good girl"


DizzyDave Thu 22-Feb-07 09:04:15

yes, me, but she's 9 months old so not much in the way of conversation...other than dadadadadada babababababa nanananananana

Bozza Thu 22-Feb-07 09:15:20

Are we supposed to be saying what we say or what they say?

MamaG Thu 22-Feb-07 09:16:48

Bozza said a girl's sentence, next one has to say a boys sentence.

<<punch>> to cod for no girls mums

Bozza Thu 22-Feb-07 09:17:32

I said, "why are you talking to me then, go back to sleep, your light has not come on".

Bozza Thu 22-Feb-07 09:18:37

DS "why did nobody buy me a Lampard shirt for my birthday".

MamaG Thu 22-Feb-07 09:19:48

"I'm going to wear my pink dress with my pink tights and sparkly shoes"

JonesTheSteam Thu 22-Feb-07 09:25:18

DS (3)- 'Lightning 'Queen is fast like me - he say p-chow' (or something like the noise he makes) followed by car noise and running down hallway.

morningpaper Thu 22-Feb-07 09:26:46

"I bet you wish your girlfriend was hooot like me" (in American accent)

MamaG Thu 22-Feb-07 09:27:47

DS age 2
I've made a slide

(using sofa, labrador and a cushion)

damewashalot Thu 22-Feb-07 09:27:53

DS " I'm a jedi look at me jump really high with my light saver!"

gegs73 Thu 22-Feb-07 09:40:14

Hot Wheels go very very fast then they CRASH. Don't touch they are too dangerous for you. Hot Wheels BEAT DAT! DS 2.9 yo.

Don't girls talk about nice things like fairies and post offices?

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 22-Feb-07 09:42:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Davenid Thu 22-Feb-07 09:44:50

'Ask dd2, she will know where the hairbrushes are'

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 22-Feb-07 09:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piglit Thu 22-Feb-07 09:46:05

Choo choo mummy. Thomas crash crash crash. Bad trucks. Crash. (Ds1 2.3)

Davenid Thu 22-Feb-07 09:46:23

'yes of course you can sit quietly and do beads'

yawningmonster Thu 22-Feb-07 09:46:50

mummy what doing
why doing that
when finished mummy
what doing now mummy
where going mummy
why going there mummy
when coming back mummy
why not talking me mummy

MrsGoranVisnjic Thu 22-Feb-07 09:46:54

DS "I'm a big farty-pants. I am king of all the farts"

KezzaG Thu 22-Feb-07 09:46:56

DS - look mummy I played with it and it got big.

MrsGoranVisnjic Thu 22-Feb-07 09:47:27

DD "oh no I d'opped him mummy, I d'opped Teddy on de floor"

MrsGoranVisnjic Thu 22-Feb-07 09:47:50

DS "GO AWAY You're SO annoying"

MrsGoranVisnjic Thu 22-Feb-07 09:48:08

Me "GO AWAY. You're so annoying"

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