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So with the poo poo chat from DS (3.5) - do I just ignore it ...

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twoisenoughmum Wed 21-Feb-07 21:51:58

... or what? Do they all go through this? I guess its a nursery thing. Finding it hard not to laugh atm but suspect I'll get very bored with it soon and not quite so funny when MIL is here at the weekend.

franca70 Wed 21-Feb-07 22:00:20

Expect it to last for at least another year. ds (4.5) is still quite into it. I try to ignore it. Though I can remember that I used to compose songs on the matter when I was a bit older...

franca70 Wed 21-Feb-07 22:00:46

a bit older than for and a half I mena. probably 7

twoisenoughmum Wed 21-Feb-07 22:05:47

Songs on the matter ... yikes! So when my angelic 6 year old DD is singing "Love Is Something If You Give It Away" or some such to MIL this weekend, I should fully expect DS to chime in with "Three Little Men In A Poo Poo Saucer" or "Poo poo black sheep" etc?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 21-Feb-07 22:06:21

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 21-Feb-07 22:07:24

your a poo poo head.

misdee Wed 21-Feb-07 22:08:20

btw poo poo head is not allowed in my house, but stills get mentioned at least 3 times a day, closely followed by 'muuuuuuuuum dd2 said poo poo head'

ValnBen Wed 21-Feb-07 22:10:14

When DS started this (around 3.5 or so) I joined in with him, made it all in to a big funny game…competed to see who could come up with the funniest rhymes etc…took away the shock factor - .he soon lost interest

Orinoco Wed 21-Feb-07 22:10:25

Message withdrawn

twoisenoughmum Wed 21-Feb-07 22:15:13

but I thought you had girls only Misdee? Surely not girls doing it too.

Last night I made pancakes (proper pancakes btw) he declared they were poo poo.

Me, today: what fruit did you have at nursery?

DS: poo poo.

Me: and who did you play with?

DS: poo poo.

etc ... hmmmm.

But then you know what its like.

misdee Wed 21-Feb-07 23:07:27

yes i have 3 girls. dd2 is obsessed with poo poo.

oh and dum dum head as well

franca70 Thu 22-Feb-07 09:50:29

the loser thing is horrible.
Loved orinoco's dd's song

clairemow Thu 22-Feb-07 09:54:10

thank goodness it's not only my DS then... have had the same conversation as twoisenoughmum over and over again. Also conversations between DS and friends:

DS "I want to eat poo poo"
Friend "I want to eat wee wee"

both fall about all over the floor in hysterical giggles, and then start all over again.

Don't worry about the MIL! She'll cope!

katelyle Thu 22-Feb-07 10:27:31

And it gets worse before it gets better. My ds was 6 yesterday, and his extensive and complex poo vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. Mind you it's done wonders for his writing - he decided he wanted to make a wall chart of all the rude words he knows. Would anyone like to interpret
"idiyoat" and "urce" and "wncl"?

Year 1 teachers are not allowed to try - their ability to read infant school writing is obviously supernatural and it wouldn't be fair to mere mortals.

hippmummy Thu 22-Feb-07 10:34:06

Ha! I started a thread about this recently too! DS1 is 3.6 and as well as poo, other favourites are stinky, bum and bottom.

I'm mostly ignoring, but not easy in other company, which they know only too well...

Notquitesotiredmum Thu 22-Feb-07 10:39:32

lol. Reminds me of the Libby Pervis book - How not to be a perfect mother - in which she describes a friend who insisted on calling body parts by their real names - until a dd called Grandma "vagina face" over Sunday lunch!

'Poo poo head' kind of fallls into perspective then.

clairemow Thu 22-Feb-07 12:23:45

PMSL at vagina face...!!!

wncl must be winkle? idiyoat = idiot? God knows what urce is though!!

IntergalacticDave Thu 22-Feb-07 12:30:49

DS1 is obsessed already (he's 2.2)

He shouted poo and botties in Salisbury cathedral a few weeks ago.

The old bird at the door dogged me up so I had to leave in disgrace (after I had got the hang of the fucking turnstile)

My son has no respect for history

Please don't say this will last for at least another 2 years

Notquitesotiredmum Thu 22-Feb-07 13:16:47

Urce = Arse! Do you live in the SW?!!

JackieNo Thu 22-Feb-07 13:24:11

wncl - is it 'winkle'?

JackieNo Thu 22-Feb-07 13:25:04

Oops, sorry, clairemow got it first.

moosh Thu 22-Feb-07 13:29:23

All my ds's have done it or are still doing it. When they ger together with their cousin, we the word "pooh" and "willy" said lots of times. Its all innocent fun, I'm sure we did it as kids.
Wait till he starts sayying words that are pure jibberish !!

clairemow Thu 22-Feb-07 14:42:57

notquitesotiredmum (that's hard to type...!!), now I say it out loud, I am ashamed of myself not recognising "urse" for arse!!

Notquitesotiredmum Thu 22-Feb-07 20:29:32

Sorry CM! I used to be Verytiredmum, then things got a bit better on the sleep front. I had vague hopes of being Wideawakemum after a short while, but I'm still waiting!

katelyle Fri 23-Feb-07 06:25:06

Bitcs is the latest one.

I didn't think of him being a closet Westcountryman.NQSTM - it all falls into place now! He's actually a Man of Kent, but he's obviously spritually Devonian.

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