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Walking on eggshells around 4yo DS

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BotBotticelli Fri 06-Jan-17 08:55:30

He seems so volatile and angry/upset at the moment. He is also clamouring for cuddles all the time (esp when I am trying to do chores/eat/do anything at all with his younger brother who's 16mo).

Feel like I am on eggshells around him all the time trying to contain his moods. I try so hard to give him a happy life full of cuddles and toys and play and attention (when he is not at nursery - both boys go 4 days a week and have done for years, he is happy and settled there).

But I have got to get on with jobs sometimes too. And his poor little brother is getting less and less attention/interaction from me as the older one is so demanding.

He has always been a handful but this is pushing me to breaking point now. He had a 30 minute screaming fit last night when I told him gently and repeatedly to take turns with his brother at a toy, and then stopped playing with him when he refused to share.

Is this standard 4yo behaviour??

Symbista Fri 06-Jan-17 09:05:40

Perhaps you're putting too much emphasis on keeping him happy? Being firm and consistent with boundaries instead of giving him what he thinks he wants may help. I find with my ds that the more you give the more he pushes and actually being firm but emotionally neutral is much more helpful. I found the 123 magic book really helpful.

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