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7 yr old started wetting himself

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PansyGiraffe Thu 05-Jan-17 09:54:43

DS (7) potty trained fine, slept through dry at the same time. However, over the last couple of months he seems to have started wetting himself during the day. Sometimes it's been a full on bladder full, but more often it's a bit – enough that his pants smell strongly of wee at the end of the day, and then he denies knowing it happened but when I press him, usually tells me. We've started a chart again – partly to encourage him (and he is pleased when he gets to the end of a day) and partly so I could track if there was a pattern. Seems to me that basically he gets busy doing something fun and then doesn't leave enough time to get to the toilet – eg at soft play, or just at school – more fun playing with my friends at lunchtime than using the toilet, so wetting himself in the class (apparently they are not allowed to go before 2pm). Basically at weekends I can generally control it by saying, "Have you used the loo?" before we leave home to do anything, but that's not the issue (and wasn't necessarily before). It seems as though he's recently discovered that you can get away with a small wee (even at school, because you're wearing dark trousers).

I have tried talking to him. I wanted to check whether it was something about school (he went up to juniors in September, but it was familiar to him because of after school club there), or the toilets at school, or someone having said something to him. He says no. We've tried the chart. I am at the point of regressing to toddler-days myself and pulling out the chocolate button bribery. I thought about taking him to the doctors but the fact that he can do it for other days (and never wets himself overnight or first thing in the morning) makes me think maybe it's not.

Pretty much the only thing I haven't tried yet is full on punishment and/or shouting, but I'm getting to that point with frustration, I cannot understand why he's been dry for five years and things have changed, and I would like them back please. I'm at the point of really dreading our holiday (no washing machine) and am trying to avoid putting him in trousers where a wet patch – even a small one – will show. I don't want him being teased or bullied - I just wish though he'd be a bit more bothered about it!

Does anyone have any tips/advice please?

Idefix Thu 05-Jan-17 16:41:17

I would consider a routine GP appt to rule out stuff, they may also be able to refer your ds for a continence assessment and advice/strategies to try.

Also check, they are great for support and ideas etc.

I hope it gets better soon op.

LiquoriceFrittata17 Fri 06-Jan-17 06:05:28

I have the same problem with my 10 year old dd. Sleeps all night and never wets the bed but every single day has soaking, smelly underwear. She can go from not needing the toilet one minute to absolutely busting the next, but only during the day.
My dd does seem to have concentration and memory issues though and the school are looking into whether or not she has dyspraxia so maybe it's worth having a look to see if there is an underlying issue that is causing this problem.
Hope it gets sorted, I understand how frustrating it is for both parent and child.

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