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Do allergies/food intolerances have a link to speech delay?

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Happymumdays Tue 03-Jan-17 23:06:03

Does anyone have experience of their LOs having great improvements in speech after resolving any allergies/food intolerances? DS is 32 months and is still only babbling, makes animal noises, says mum, ta, bye, night night, but sounds nasally when doing so. He usually has a runny nose, worse when outdoors, but mostly clear, not green. DH has allergies to cats, dogs, and exercise-induced asthma. Have greatly reduced dairy which has made a difference but thinking of removing wheat and gluten for a while to see how that goes. Never had issues with ear infections, no reason to suspect hearing issues but might get it tested anyway to rule it out. Had 1st appt with SALT but was told doing all the right things. Have 6 yr old DD who didn't have any issues but didn't have the nasal congestion. Any advice gratefully appreciated, thanks.

gallicgirl Tue 03-Jan-17 23:12:39

Ooo interesting. Does he have much processed food?

Definitely a good idea to get his hearing checked. Nasal drip can increase chance of glue ear.

Hope you figure it out soon.

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