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ADHD or something else?

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Solaris88 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:36:33


My intention was to sit here and list DS' behavioural traits to see if anybody could identify, however, having just sat and thought about it, it would probably take days to write, never mind read!
I basically need advice from parents whose child/children have been diagnosed with ADHD or something within that region and can offer me some advice and help really.
DS is almost 4, he has been showing signs of possible behavioural issues for over 2 years, if not longer, as a baby he was rarely happy, a lot of the time seemed frustrated, couldn't be soothed, rarely slept.
It is the same now but on a larger scale with many more additions to behaviour patterns, personality traits.
I've always known he was more complex, other child DD who is 10 was and is, the opposite end of the scale.
I have always embraced his "Quirks" and been very reluctant to label him as anything other than 'himself' but as time goes on, it is becoming so much more difficult. I'm not afraid of differences or diagnoses stating this, I think I've always just been very focused on making sure he doesn't feel that he is 'different' from other children. Although, saying this, I think that was a ridiculous thought to even attempt to prevent that when it is so evident.
I have decided to visit the GP this week to get the ball rolling with some sort of help but any advice on what to expect would be amazing.
I have researched it- a lot. I have taken the quiz's and checked the diagnostics. The criteria seems to have been written about DS! Although he also emits some autism traits, but I understand that they are all interlinked in one way or another.
Only piece of history which will be valid to this is, his dad had it throughout his childhood and does occasionally display some behaviours now in adulthood too.
I feel so apprehensive about going to the GP but also like a weight has lifted, to have finally made the decision to get help.
Thanks for reading, sorry about the long post confused

Kirstynew Mon 02-Jan-17 21:02:35

I can't really offer you any advice all i could recommend is if your son is in preschool maybe speaking to his teacher about his behaviour and having their backing as I know that to get a long struggle for most parents and having the backing will go a long way.. And don't take no for an answer good luck

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