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Ds won't eat :-( help!

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duckyisback Mon 02-Jan-17 18:25:36

Ds (2yrs) has been so difficult to feed recently. He used to be so good with his eating.

He usually just refuses to eat completely. Or will put it in his mouth and spit it out.

For breakfast he will usually only have something like a bite of toast and a bite of fruit.

For lunch he usually just picks at his food, and dinner is the same. The last few days he has refused to eat a thing and usually just asks for milk before bed.

He has had a lot of upheaval recently. I left my abusive husband leaving us homeless and moving around families houses, I then had dd and eventually we got our own rented accommodation.

Added onto this our flat is very small, we can not fit in a table to eat at, I don't know if this just makes things worse as he always used to eat at the table. I have tried different things like sitting him on the sofa, pulling a little chair up to the sofa and putting his plate on that and with a bean bag tray thing.

Anyone been through the same problems? Or have any tips I can try?

Am feeling a bit like a failure at the moment sad

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