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Is this separation anxiety? (17th month old)

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ByJoveItsAGoodUn Mon 02-Jan-17 14:11:14

This might be a bit rambling, apologies in advance.
Over the last two weeks bedtimes have got harder. Our routine is dinner, bath, breastfeed, into pjs, stories, dad cuddles to sleep. All calm and lovely. We have been doing this for months, but over the last two months we have night weaned and my partner gets to soothe in the night, if needed (tho we had a couple of weeks just before Christmas where he slept through, hurrah).
Then 2 days before Christmas we all got a sickness bug, now over it, and since then our son has been screaming blue murder when I leave the room after stories. The last few nights he has woken at 3am and been really upset, far more than normal, so I've taken him in with me. He still calms for my partner, but it takes longer.

To further complicate things, we were away all Christmas, 4 days at one grandparents house, then 4 days at another, and our son had a growth spurt too and ate all the things.

So, does this sound like separation anxiety? Does it happen just for one parent? How long does it last? And how can we help our boy get through this? the last definite sep anxiety he had must have lasted 2 or 3 months and was bloody awful.

ACatCalledFang Tue 03-Jan-17 21:47:51

No idea but my DS is a month younger than yours and we have had pretty much the exact same situation ever since we got back from visiting family over Christmas.

To be fair, he's never been a good sleeper but is fine at bedtime - the problem is when he wakes. He's generally waking at any time from 2130 to 0230 and refusing to settle until he's brought into the bed with me. Seems to go back down in his cot, then roars the minute whichever parent attempts to slip out of the room....

So I feel your pain....watching with interest for anyone more experienced who might be along!

ByJoveItsAGoodUn Wed 04-Jan-17 21:31:40

The last two nights we decided i would feed to sleep. Yesterday was easy and he was asleep in 15 minutes and slept through. Today he had s really late agternoon nap and just would not fall asleep on me, but there was minimal crying when my partner took over, so thats good. No idea what will happen tonight as he seems a bit poorly too. Le sigh.

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