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Are cruising shoes a gimmick or do I buy a pair for walking outside?

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SAHMof1 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:01:21

I am so confused.

DS is now starting to cruise holding on to furniture/other people. Inside no probs, bare foot all the way, maybe in socks if cold. But I want him to walk outside, and his fleecy pram boots from Bush Baby are too slidey. So do I buy him some soft leather, suede sole shoes? If so, which type?

BabyWorld have done a review and put Robeez best. But there are also Daisy Roots , Inch Blue , Shimmy Shoes , and Star Child .

Also, I thought cruising shoes were for dry weather only (ha - in this country in winter/spring???)

Like I said, so confused. What would you/do you do?

CanSleepWontStarve Tue 20-Feb-07 22:03:26

Cruising shoes are not meant for walking outside. Not really sure how you expect him to cruise outdoors at all <<confused emoticon>>.

First shoes are designed for outdoors, but have hard soles, and shouldn't be worn until baby has been walking unaided for 6 weeks.

coffeepot Tue 20-Feb-07 22:06:11

A gimmick

Ceolas Tue 20-Feb-07 22:06:20

Wait til he's walking properly and buy first shoes.

It's all gimmick I feel.

You'll spend enough money on shoes as it is!

SAHMof1 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:06:56

He wants to walk but can only do so holding on to our hands. I want him to do a bit of ‘walking’ outside. So do I put him in cruising shoes when we go out or do I not let him ‘walk’ outside?

AitchTwoOh Tue 20-Feb-07 22:10:30

i really like the inch blue ones, but that's for purely aesthetic reasons. (that, and the free p&p). i know the robeez always get a good write-up.
dd has been walking for about a month now and she has just gone into her first shoes (28 quid!). she just wore her leather slippers outside until then, rail, hail or shine. yes, they get wet but i just took them off when she went back into the buggy. (we do have a cositoes, though).

adath Wed 21-Feb-07 11:02:48

I personally wouldn't worry too much about lettin him walk outside just now, cruising shoes are a gimic and when children learn to walk they should be in bare feet as the feet and muscles will develop more naturally shoes are for warmth and protection and when babies feet are still soft and flexible they should be in bare feet as much as possible. Even when he is walking unaided outside he s better off bare foot walking inside.

SHoes cost enough without these compaies telling us we need themearer and earlier so save your cash and put it toward a lovely pair of first walkers when he is ready.

Philomytha Wed 21-Feb-07 11:58:13

I let my son walk outside holding my hand wearing leather-soled slippers. I try not to let him walk on wet ground and don't get fussed if the slippers get a bit dirty or scuffed. I think it's getting to be time to buy him some real shoes, though.

louismummy Wed 21-Feb-07 13:47:41

don't bother wait til he needs first shoes. he doesn't need to walk outside. so don't let him. save your back.

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