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Potty Talk!

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MamaMoose1 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:01:27

My son who is 6 in 3 months, is using lots of potty talk. He doesn't do it in front of strangers, but he does do it in front of us a lot and sometimes my sister and my dad. It's words like poo, diarrhoea, bum etc and then he giggles uncontrollably. To be honest, I want to put a stop to it, but not sure what the best method is to use, whether to play it down by ignoring it, which I do now, or just keep saying, we don't need to keep using those words and leaving it at that. He does it a lot after I've read him a book in the evening and sometimes I have to walk away because it gets too much and he doesn't stop. Have anyone had to deal with this, he never did it when he was younger and don't know what's triggered it.


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